Save a Place at the Table

Mi mama loves to cook, although she will deny it if you ask her. So the occasions we go out to eat at a restaurant are few. The instances where they are a Mexican restaurant even fewer. No need to go out and get Mexican food when you think your mom makes it better. Yes I am totally biased but I am a sucker for any home cooked meal Continue reading

To the Sea and Beyond

One of the best parts about doing food writing is the field work. Not only do you get to try new delicious foods but also just explore the area. I have learned many new things about the city of Lexington through trying to scout out new places to try. I began with what I knew and slowly worked my way out of my comfort zone. But there is one frontier that I have not really focused on and it didn’t really hit me until I my mom told me. Continue reading

When is a Taco a Taco?


While conducting further research and meeting new people through the course I learn about many different varieties of dishes. That brings to me the question if you can far enough from the “original” for it to no longer be the same dish. Is there a point when a taco stops being a taco and it becomes something else? If so who and what get to determine that? Continue reading

The Pokey Things that Grow in the Desert

To clarify that is how my friend referred to cactus when I told her I was having some for lunch and I loved it. I think that is a wonderful description for the plant, which I also love. The reason I bring cactus up is because of an episode of some cooking show that was on at who knows what hour because I was sick and the remote not within arm’s reach. So I have to suffer through whatever was on while being cold and hot at the same time. But that is another story, back to the cooking show. Continue reading

A Trip to El Super Mercado


Inside el Supermercado Aguascalientes

I live in the region that many have dubbed Mexington, a clever combination of two words like Labradoodle. But having grown up in the area and living close to it I sometimes forget that this is not what everyone experiences. When the class first began Continue reading

A Talk with Javier Cabral


Screen shot of Javier Cabral’s Instagram

The semester is more than half way done I have yet to discuss any of the wonderful speakers that have graced our class with their presence, knowledge and experience. It isn’t because I haven’t found them interesting more because I fail at jotting down things when Continue reading

From the Past to the Future

President Carlos Salinas de Gortari greatly influenced the relationship of Mexico and the United States when he signed the NAFTA.  The agreement was far from far and has influence the movement of goods and people between the countries. People have brought along with them their shape and are shaping what Mexican food is not only Continue reading